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In 1890, the frontier line had broken up (Census maps defined the frontier line as a line beyond which the population was under 2 persons per square mile).

What development brought an end to the western frontier in 1890
What Devlopment brought an end to western frontier 1890? . How did the closing of the frontier in 1890 effect the subsequent development of the US? You may .

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  • HowStuffWorks "Pioneer and Frontier Life"
    Feb 27, 2008 . It is generally considered that by 1890 the frontier had come to an end. Settlement in the United States, when the nation was formed in 1776, .

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Turner saw the land frontier was ending, since the U.S. Census of 1890 had . Many believed that the end of the frontier represented the beginning of a new .


  • Closing the American Frontier - Digital History
    Closing the Western Frontier . In 1890 the superintendent of the U.S. Census announced that rapid western settlement meant that "there can hardly be said to .


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  • The End of American Exceptionalism: Frontier Anxiety from
    "Frontier anxiety," then, really was caused not by the closing of the frontier, but by the . or angst, Americans felt about the frontier in the half-century after 1890.


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1890 the close of the frontier: Welding

The Census of 1890 and the Closing of the Frontier
1890 and the. Closing of the. Frontier. Gerald D. Nash. In the historiography of western Amer- ica, the closing of the frontier in 1890 has often been viewed as a .

1890 the close of the frontier: Machining

End of the Frontier
In 1890, the Census Bureau announced the end of the frontier, meaning there was no longer a discernible frontier line in the west, nor any large tracts of land yet .

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  • American Frontier
    The American Frontier. The American Frontier or the Old Wild West lasted from the end of the Civil War until the close of the frontier in 1890. This was the time of .

  • American Frontier Closed -1890 - Yahoo! Voices -
    Feb 25, 2011 . In 1890, Congress declared the American frontier closed. . Before the close of the frontier a congressman described the fleet as an "alphabet .

  • Closing The Western Frontier
    Jan 14, 2008 . The Closing of the Western Frontier Susan Pojer. . Jesse James Billy the Kid; Dodge City Peace Commission, 1890; the MINERS; Prospecting .

  • Environmental History Timeline: 1890-1920
    1890 -- End of the American Frontier -- Superintendent of the Census reports: "Up to and including 1880 the country had a frontier of settlement but at present the .

  • U.S. History II: The Closing of the Frontier
    By the end of the nineteenth century, the West was effectively settled. . The 1890 census had shown that a frontier line, a point beyond which the population .,articleId-25176.html

  • PBS - THE WEST - Frederick Jackson Turner
    Turner took this "closing of the frontier" as an opportunity to reflect upon the influence . the developmental stages of the emerging industrial order of the 1890's.

  • 20 Most Significant American History Events (1865-1905) - Yahoo ...
    Mar 8, 2011 . (1890) Close of the Frontier: This made it so there were no more grants of land in the frontier. It forced the country to expand internationally .

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  • The Sod-House Frontier, 1854-1890: A Social History of the ...
    Apr 1, 1979 . The Sod-House Frontier, 1854-1890 has 9 ratings and 1 review. . [close] The Sod-House Frontier: Everyday Life in Kansas, Nebraska and .

  • closing of the American frontier - PBS
    He began by quoting from the Census of 1890: . Americans generally thought of the frontier as a primeval wilderness, where men could live close to nature and .

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1890 the close of the frontier: Electro mechanical assembly 

The First Measured Century: Program: Segment 1 - Closing of the ...
For a new generation of Americans, this is as close as they would ever come to . in 1890 declares for the first time that there is no longer a visible frontier line on .

1890 the close of the frontier: Wet and Powder Paint

American Studies 101: Week 5 The 1930s and the Changing Frontier
Feb 23, 2009 . Week 5 The 1930s and the Changing Frontier. When did the frontier close? Turner thought that the frontier closed in 1890, citing the federal .